The Deaf Community Needs Our Help!

To date, ICCD has helped thousands of Deaf children in developing countries around the globe, but thousands more still need our help. We’re asking generous donors like you to help us help them by donating funds that will provide these children with meals, language skills, a safe environment, and hope for the future.
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How Your
Donation Helps

Currently, the Deaf make up approximately 1% of the population. Though that percentage may appear small, it translates to approximately 76 million people around the world— many of whom need our help. Your donations allow us to sustain our ministries and provide the support and resources the Deaf need to live full and happy lives.

As a donor, we promise that 100% of your tax-deductible donation goes toward educating, empowering, and protecting the Deaf in developing countries. In all that we do under our good Lord’s guidance, we exercise the highest level of financial integrity and promise donors full transparency on where their funds are being allocated.

ICCD also offers unique “Gift Matching” opportunities for those interested. We work with donors from all over on locating and arranging funds that will match their original donation and ultimately double the impact on the Deaf community.

lives touched through ICCD

years of service

devoted staff & volunteers

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You CAN Make A Difference!

We understand that many of our donors don’t get the chance to see firsthand just how important their contribution is to our team and the Deaf communities we serve. We’re here to say, EVERY PENNY HELPS! Whether you donate $1 or thousands of dollars, you’re helping us sustain our efforts and make a difference in the lives of Deaf children around the world.


We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to learn about our ministry. We hope you’ll consider making a one-time donation or giving monthly to this important cause. Together, we can change lives!

Ways to Give:
1. Online through our Website, Click the Donate Button
2. Mail Check written to ICCD, Addressed to, ICCD, P.O. Box 540, Cloverdale, VA 24077
3. Set up Online Bill Pay with your Bank

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