Why the Deaf

In developing countries, the Deaf are often rejected, neglected, and abused in their own homes and villages. Many are uneducated, underdeveloped, and made to feel invisible. Some can’t read, have no language beyond invented gestures, and are raised by parents who believe they are incapable of becoming anything of value.

“I had been locked in my house for the last 12 years, my mother ran off with another man taking my brothers and sisters with her. My father took good care of me until he died unexpectedly.

Quickly the food ran out, the electricity was switched off and clean drinking water disappeared. I thank God for ICCD who found me and gave me all the essentials of life and shared Jesus with me. I had nothing, but now I have everything!”

Juan Pablo
Deaf ICCD Student

Make a Difference

With the help of generous donors and volunteers, our team is able to provide the Deaf with physical, educational, and emotional support. Whether it’s a new textbook, proper food and clothing, or the shared word of Jesus Christ, we promise to always be a helping hand for those in need.

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