Meet Our Team

Thomas & Debbie Turner

General Director & Home Office Administrator

Tom and Debbie have been serving the Lord in deaf ministries since 1989 when they served in Jamaica for 3 years. In 1993 they began serving with a new ministry called ICCD. In 1994, they returned to the states to assist Ernest Clark in managing the Home Office. Tom is currently the General Director of ICCD and Debbie is his trusted assistant and Office Administrator. Together they serve their Lord overseeing the Cuba, Mexico, The Bahamas, and Uganda ministries as well as working hard to reach precious Deaf in other countries with the Good News of Christ Jesus.

They have been married since 1970 and have three fine sons, Mitchell, Zachary and Joseph, 2 lovely daughters-in-law, Shannon and Hannah, and two granddaughters, Alayna and Kylie.

Salvador Gonzalez

Mexico Campus Director

Originally from Rio Bravo, Tamaulipas, Mexico, Salvador has been married to his wife, Yadira, for 20 years and they have 3 children. He has a strong background in business, finance, engineering, Christian radio, Pastor and Christian counseling. Salvador felt God calling him into the Deaf ministry when he assisted in a leadership role at an ICCD summer camp for deaf children in 2017. He saw the need for the Deaf to know about Jesus and felt a responsibility to learn how he could share his Faith with the Deaf community. Since then he has had a passion to reach the Deaf with Christ. Salvador has served full-time with us since June 2017 and accepted the position as General Director in July of 2019.

Cuban Island Leadership Team

Our Cuba team of brothers and sisters in Christ have been serving the Lord and the Deaf community for over 30 years. ICCD’s Cuba Deaf ministry, Oidos Sordos Corazones Oyentes (OSCO), translates to “Deaf Ears, Hearing Hearts.” Currently, our co-directors of this ministry also sit on OSCO’s Board of Trustees.

We support our directors and leadership team in Cuba and they work they do with hundreds of volunteers across the island. We’re excited to see where our partnerships in Cuba lead ICCD and hope to continue serving the Deaf there through our good Lord for many years to come.

Wyatt Massie & Kayla (Rohr) Massie

 ICCD Missionaries

Kayla (Rohr) Massie holds an ASL-English Interpretation degree from the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Kayla worked as a staff Interpreter at RIT for four years. A summer missions trip with ICCD in 2011 prompted Kayla to pursue full-time missions work. In 2013, she joined ICCD and was sent on a two-year mission term in Nassau, Bahamas, to establish outreach and ministry services for Deaf children and adults on the Family Islands. She returned to the States two years later and continues to support and oversee ICCD’s Bahamian and international Deaf ministry efforts from ICCD’s main office. In September 2021, Kayla married Wyatt Massie, a young man who loves the Lord and also feels called to serve the Deaf. Together they are serving in the main office in Roanoke, VA.

Guillermo Villanueva

Mexico National Coordinator

Guillermo was born in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico and has 2 daughters with his late wife, Elizabeth Trujillo, who went to be with the Lord on August 15, 2016. He is founder, evangelist, and director of “Tidings of Great Joy” in Mexico City and “Guillermo Villanueva Ministries” in McAllen, Texas. He is a preacher and producer of the radio program “Un Rayo de Esperanza” that is broadcast across the U.S., Mexico, Spain and almost all Latin American countries. Guillermo has celebrated more than 1,100 evangelistic crusades that have led to over 100,000 people accepting Christ. His heart for Christ and the Deaf led him to serve as a Board Member for MCCS for many years and as the ICCD Mexico National Coordinator currently.

Roberto Sequera

Mexico Financial Advisor

Roberto was born in the City of Poza Rica, Veracruz. He has a degree in accounting and several years of work experience in that field. In 1991 he entered Seminary answering God’s call to become a pastor. Roberto has been a pastor, Church planter, and ministry founder for many years wherever the Lord has called him to go. In 1995, he moved to the city of Reynosa, Tamaulipas, where he had the opportunity to serve as a Youth Pastor. In 2000, he married Debora Zomohano Ramírez and the Lord blessed them with 3 children. In 2013, 2nd Baptist Church in Reynosa invited him to be the pastor of their church. Today, Roberto serves with ICCD/MCCS to help raise awareness and better the lives of the Deaf.

Pastor Paul

Bridges of Glory International Uganda Director

Bishop Dr. Wandera Paul was 6th born in a Catholic family with 8 children. At the age of four, Paul’s dad was brutally and suddenly murdered by armed military men. He was raised by his beloved mother, but suffered greatly due to injustices that many children still face on a daily basis.

Due to his suffering, Paul and his family decided to appoint him as the one to offer sacrifices to the evil spirits of their family. That’s when he started practicing Voodoo and witch crafts, which he continued for four years. One day, Paul heard a clear voice call his name “Paul, Paul, why don’t you serve me?” To Paul, he thought maybe it was one of the evil spirits that he wronged. But the next morning, he went looking for a pastor and explained what had happened when the pastor told him it was Jesus who came to him. Paul received Jesus as his Lord and Savior and that was the beginning of the total transformation of his life. He started preaching door to door and testifying to people and many turned to Jesus after hearing his testimony.

In 1998, he planted his first church. The passion of seeing the lost come to Jesus kept him going, and to date he has planted 45 churches across Uganda. He trains pastors and equips them to go serve where needed most. Influenced by his own suffering, Paul decided to start an orphanage and school to cater for the less privileged. Today, his school has helped nearly 500 orphans, Deaf, and hearing students.

Lydia Namuloobi

Makhai Church of Uganda Nursery & Primary School Head Mistress

Lydia is a loving servant of the Lord and children. She is in charge of a large school in Uganda that serves 800 students. Many of the children have special needs and 65 are are Deaf. Lydia values every child and life, she strives to give then good Christian values and education. Her work is truly making a important impact on these students’ lives and the local community.

ALBC Deaf Ministry Team of The Bahamas

This team of wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ have been serving the Lord and the Deaf community since 2017. They were trained by our first Bahamian missionaries and minister to the Deaf through their church in Nassau where they provide Interpreted Sunday Services, Friday night youth group, and various other activities throughout the year. Each team member plays an important role in encouraging and leading the Deaf community to follow Christ. This team includes: Keyanna Humes, Rovan Humes, Marisha Humes, Annamae Hamilton, Jerusha Butler, Daneen Maycock, and Corrine Evans.

Pastor Jim & Debbie Walterhouse

ICCD Missionaries

As deaf individuals, Debbie and I have been blessed to be involved in ministry to the deaf since 1979 while we were still in Bible college. We moved to Florida after graduation where we served the deaf in three different churches as deaf leader or pastor before the Lord called us to Mexico as missionaries to the deaf. During our time in Mexico, we were introduced to the ministry of ICCD/MCCS in Reynosa, and we began working with ICCD assisting with teacher training and deaf camps.

The Lord led us to return to the USA to pastor deaf churches in Texas after the church was established in Mexico but we continued our partnership with ICCD in camps as well as serving on the board for MCCS for a time. Although we left mission work, however, the passion for mission work has never left us. We are thrilled that the Lord has now called us to join ICCD to reach more deaf children, youth and adults for Jesus.

Our goal here is to “enlarge the tent, stretch out the curtains, lengthen the cords, and strengthen the stakes” of the unique Gospel work that ICCD is doing around the world. 

ICCD Board of Directors

Board Chairman: Gerald Atkins

Tom & Debbie Turner

Jerry Morrell

Dale and Jane Thomas

Skip Furrow

Dr. Mike & Sherry Hart

Sonny Spickard




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