ICCD History

ICCD Established

In 1992, Founder Ernest P. Clark established ICCD as a 501c3 ministry, gathered a board of directors, and began travels to Cuba and Mexico. Inspired by the work CCCD was doing in Jamaica ICCD wanted to expand their mission to reach other areas of the world.

A New Door Opens in Cuba

In 1994, God connected us to 2 pastors. The ministry quickly grew, spreading across the entire Island with Deaf ministries being established in every province and in hundreds of Christian churches.

Expanding to Rio-Bravo

Next, God moved ICCD to start a school in Rio-Bravo, Mexico. A government building initially served as the classroom for the Deaf. God graciously provided $60,000 to purchase 27 acres and with the help of four missionary families and many American work teams, the campus began to take shape. A two-story

ICCD Expands to the Bahamas

In 2014, ICCD sent two missionaries, Kayla Rohr and Tali DiPalma to partner with Abundant Life Bible Church in Nassau, Bahamas. With the support and encouragement of Pastor Cranston Knowles, Kayla and Tali established a good Deaf network in Nassau and the Family Islands.

ICCD heads to Uganda, Africa

In 2018, we were fortunate enough to partner with local churches, organizations, and teachers in Uganda, Africa on the opening of our fourth location! This residential school and ministry provides a safe home, educational, and faith-based environment for countless Deaf children and young adults in the area.

ICCD Equips a Church in Bolivia

In April 2019, an ICCD team traveled to La Paz to train leaders in the Church on beginning a Deaf ministry. The church continues to serve the Deaf community through interpreted services and outreach events.

We’re excited to be continuing our work and partnerships under our goal of empowering and educating the Deaf on the love of Jesus Christ. The best is yet to come for ICCD!
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