Prayers Needed

Thank you for your willingness to join us in prayer. Any and all prayers are welcome, but if you would like some inspiration, check out some of our prayer requests below.


Please pray for the continual safety of all those who travel to and from our four ICCD locations. We have many team members, volunteers, and missionaries who lend a helping hand overseas, and safety while traveling is always on our minds.

Strength & Wisdom:

Please pray for strength and wisdom, both among our ICCD team and the Deaf communities we serve. Strength to carry out our mission and wisdom to make ministry decisions both play a big role in helping us help them.

Spiritual Growth:

Please pray for the spiritual growth of the Deaf enrolled in our schools and residential programs. Pray that, as they grow in their education, they will also grow in their relationship with each other and our loving God.


In some cases, such as the 2019 destruction of The Bahamas due to Hurricane Dorian, recovery prayers are needed. Please pray for those who were affected by hard times to recover stronger than ever and stay safe moving forward.


Lastly, we ask that you please pray for ICCD to continue to receive the funding we need to help the Deaf in need. Without funding, we are unable to reach, educate, and empower these deserving communities. Every prayer (and cent!) helps.

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