Please Continue to Pray for the Deaf Community in The Bahamas.

As we hear the heart breaking stories from our friends and ministry partners in The Bahamas we truly covet your prayers and support during this devastating time of great loss of life and possessions. No one was truly prepared for this catastrophic disaster they have encountered. We are prayerfully moving forward to see how we can be involved in recovery and meeting the needs of the Deaf community in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.  


Abaco is completely destroyed, it is now under mandatory evacuation as the CDC needs to help manage the clean up of the deceased and prevent the spread of disease on this island.  It is expected that it will be at least a year before this island has electricity or water restored and many years before this island recovers from their great loss and devastation.  The majority of these people are headed for Nassau or other family Islands.
Grand Bahama (Freeport) also received much damage from wind gusts of over 200 mph that hung there for almost 2 days and dumped over 2 feet of rain.  They also received much flooding damage from a  20 foot storm surge that covered about 60% of the island.  Many have experience mild to sever damage all over the island. Some of the Deaf have lost their homes and possessions as a result of the flooding. They are slowly restoring electricity on the island, however, the basic necessities are scarce. 

Deaf Community in Freeport – Summer 2019

We are currently working through the President of the Association of the Deaf of Grand Bahama to meet the most urgent needs of the Deaf on this island.  The greatest needs are food, clothing, water, lanterns, and blankets, most of which can currently be purchased on this island.   Your support is on the way to help the Deaf to meet their immediate needs. However, the financial needs continue to be overwhelming and your help is much appreciated. 
THANK YOU- We praise God for those of you who have given and pledged support and assistance during this life altering event.  There is so much devastation and loss as a result of this tragedy but the Beauty that we see is that MANY are willing to come TOGETHER, to help spiritually, financially and physically. We THANK God for His provision! It will take time for the community to recover and rebuild, this will not only be a short term project but a long term project as well. We are working to get the support down there as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Please Continue to Pray for the following:
  • God’s protection and provision for all those in need.
  • The Bahamian government and Prime Minister for wisdom and guidance as they handle this overwhelming disaster. 
  • That many will turn to Jesus for the comfort, that only Christ can give, after loosing their loved ones, homes and possessions. 
  • God’s wisdom for His timing for ICCD to take a team to help with relief and rebuilding efforts, and how to assist the deaf resettle as many have been displaced.
  • Pray for a Deaf Ministry Leader and good friend from Freeport who was able to evacuate from Grand Bahama just days after the hurricane. Her husband has fallen ill and is in the ICU in Florida.  Pray for God’s divine Healing.
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